5 past 12 for a living planet Earth?

Why this website?

Last November (2018) I decided not to remain silent on the subject of a dying planet Earth. I started a website with my (hobby-)art, accompanied by my vision on the state of the planet.

The art consists mainly of soft pastel drawings and can be found under the tab ‘portfolio’ or by pressing here.

Much more important: The ‘Garden of Eden is no more’, David Attenborough stated lately. Despite of all kind of alarming signals by scientists, politicians are not inclined to take swift action against the dying living planet. The text under ‘basic story’ examines why. And whether or not it is too late to do something about it. Besides politics, economics play a major role. The text has not the pretension to be thoroughly. It is just an independent analysis by an ordinary citizen who is highly concerned and who is convinced that the general public should be well aware.  I hope to offer a modest contribution to that, with this text.

For a more comprehensive analysis see the IPBES report of may 2019:  https://www.ipbes.net/news/Media-Release-Global-Assessment

Are we waiting for a devastating planetary disaster before ‘climate-change-denying’ politicians feel themselves obliged to take action? It will be far too late… Anyway it is already far too late for large amounts of nature that went extinct already: ‘5 past 12’. And for us, humans? Explanation takes some pages of text. But our home-planet deserves it!

Further reading about the planet? See the basic story.

NB: apology for my cripple English!