Added the latest books of Michael E. Mann and D. Attenborough to the ‘why’ page.

IPBES publishes report ‘Nature’s Dangerous Decline unprecedented’/’Species Extinction Rates acclerating’ – a very comprehensive analysis of biodiversity decline. https://www.ipbes.net/news/Media-Release-Global-Assessment.
IPBES chairman Bob Watson: governments should also focus on biodiversity and land degradation, besides climate change.

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Greta Thunberg becoming a wellknown activist. East Africa suffering a second hurricane within weeks.
Environmental news not in headlines, but steady.
Kate Raworth pleased by my recent proposal to use my ‘magic circle’ or ‘magic doughnut’ (see upper left of startpage).

Added: proposals under ‘Waarom?’ – Dutch
Dutch interim elections on March 20th won by climate-change-deniers.

Schoolchildren in over 2000 cities worldwide strike / demonstrate for action on climate change.

Dutch government, especially conservative liberals and christian democrats, choose a greener path! (Elections coming up soon).

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Last month: a lot of news about declining insect populations and schoolchildren-strike/protests worldwide gaining momentum


Aspects of an endangered Earth are almost daily news.
• World Economic Forum 2019: lots of ‘green talk’ by CEO’s; lots of very instructive video’s (see: #WEF19)
• Schoolchildren on ‘strike’, first in Belgium (dec 2018). Demanding ‘action’ of politicians on climate change. Support by students, scientists, schools.
• Himalayan glaciers melting rapidly (‘the 3rd pole’)
• Shell allmost doubled profits; Cuadrilla seizes fracking in UK
• Shell tries to buy Eneco (green energy company)(15/1/2019)
• Dutch politicians: no tax on carbon dioxide for industry (‘bad for our economy’). We have to share the burden; no climate measures which are too expensive for citizens
• Dutch biologist reporting on radio: water is running through ‘seed bank’ at  Spitsbergen
• A group of icebears fleeing towards human settlements in search of food
• Massive extinction of insects reported in Guardian


2019-01-20: ‘Waarom-verhaal’ aangevuld en aangepast


Vandaag, 20 december 2018 heb ik het tabblad ‘waarom?’ toegevoegd. Dutch.


Today dec 12th 2018, I reviewed and updated the text under ‘WHY?’

Today, 6 december 2018, I reviewed and updated the text under ‘WHY?’

Today, 5 november 2018, I started the ‘why-website’.
Some first thoughts under tab WHY