My proposals on achieving a healthy earth as they evolve from the basic story, not having the pretension to be complete nor unique. Nor pretending to be an alternative for SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). Just some common sense of an ordinary citizen on the base of a limited amount of information. Not professional nor academic, independent yes.  Maybe unsubtle. Of course not everything applies all the time, everywhere.  Feel free to comment!

• As a starting point: see Kate Raworth with ‘Doughnut Economics’.
•  create awareness on the state of the earth and thus create support for measures
•  remember: statistics are neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’

•  call for long term, global, general interests in politics: point on the horizon combined with pragmatism in unforeseen situations
•  emphasis on preciousness and vulnerability of nature with regard to human activities
•  focus on positive ‘eco-news’, artistic and with humor e.g. ‘Loesje’-style.
•  rewarding positive initiatives, small and large (Nobel Prize on climate change)
•  be critical on ‘established interests’; e.g. fossil fuel industries have moral task
•  in addition to doughnut economics: steady state thriving not only at macro scale but also on a micro scale should become feasible. Address: ‘or I grow or my competitor will’.
•  besides stimulating renewable energy, its efficient use, e.g. in electical powered transport, industry and heating buildings
•  emphasis on storage facilities of renewable energy (mainly H2 and hydropower)
•  tax on emission of CO2  and methane
•  stimulate green and less transport (H2 and electric). Reduce work-home distances and award use of ‘green transport’ (e.g. use of bicycle)
•  fair tax on flying; stimulation of using train instead wherever possible
•  removal plastic waste in oceans (and biophere?) as far as and wherever possible. (Underwater-plastic-catching drones?)
•  study / monitor state of species, the ecosystems, sea currents, climate-zone shifts on the planet:  ecologists,
biologists, geographers etc.  Example: NASA animation
• complexity and urgency of global issues urge for multi-disciplinary cooperation
•  establish eco-farms and -parks for most threatened species (insects / plants / fish / etc) and ecosystems
•  realize that general, common, planetary interests receive the attention needed and will prevail above individual interests of countries, companies or individuals
•  introduce morality in economics
•  stimulate biodiversity e.g. by bocage landscape around / between agricultural land
•  discourage pesticide use in agriculture, use natural predators and processes wherever possible
•  stimulate sustainable agricultural systems attributing to nature conservation, stimulating biodiversity and preventing the waste of food, all against ‘ecocide’
•  clean groundwater is precious and needs protection e.g. against harmful chemicals such as pesticides and medicine-remains
•  climate change forces towards water buffering and storage
•  rights of clean water, air, land, renewable energy and work
•  reforestation wherever possible
•  stimulate low carbon concrete and cement
•  make use of microplastics a crime
•  discourage meat consumption
•  awareness of DNA techniques. Can be very promising as well as very dangerous. Include possible long-term and broad effects in studies. Attention to spreading of DNA by transport and travelling
•  anticipate on future disasters caused by climate-change. Ever occurring conflicts (of interests) do not contribute to optimism. Good governance and risk management e.g. conflicting interests of contries, companies and individuals
• and: ……?

Hoping peace and the ability to work together will prevail.

Heico,  2019/03/07